Monday, February 14, 2011

Travel lessons learnt!

It's what people call valentine's day today!

I'm now in brunei international airport waiting for my flight. Departed from home at 7am and reached a bit after 9am.

Now it's nothing much, no thrill of missing my flight, not afraid of having too much baggage.. It's pretty awesome, and free Internet from coffee bean:)))

I'll be in Auckland for 2 nights:))) never been there so it might be interesting..

Oh ya, there's so many kiwis here.. Lol.. I wonder where they went... Mulu? Sipadan? Bali?

And.. Facebook won't let me go sign in just because I'm connecting from a different location:( and this iPod can't read much:(((

Hopefully I reach nz safely:) it's a bit exciting but scary to continue to 4th year!!

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Monday, January 24, 2011

Hello 2011

I realized I've stopped blogging after the bridging programme ended. Weird.

But yeah. Maybe I have a procrastination problem which has evolved to affect all aspects of my life!

Yeah, life in Dunedin maybe too laid back.. I can admit that I have become that person who does things only when there's a rush. And I really dislike it because the end product may not be as good as if you had plenty of time at hand.

I really need to change this!

I think it began when I became extra busy for anything when I started doing lots of things in IMU, MORE than I could handle... Lol.. But that's not the issue... I have been that person who likes doing my assignments once I get it, I liked getting things done IN time, not ON time..

I think this would be something really beneficial to me, and people around me.

And yeah, 4th year's coming!! Wheeee~

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Monday, July 12, 2010

It's week 4 of the IMU-Otago Bridging course

It's the final week of our special course, which has helped in making our transition into University of Otago a good and easy one.

It has been so much fun to go around the Dental school without people seeing how lost we were when we first started. But now, all the students are back and Dunedin is now looking busier with more people everywhere.

The first three weeks surprisingly was warm, and that time, all the other students were on their semester break. Yesterday classes commenced and it was so cold that frost covered the road. It was the first time I saw it throughout my stay in Dunedin. It was nice to experience something different, and almost slipping on ice:) There should be snow soon.. Yay!

WIll be treating patients soon. I wonder what will come our way...

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

2nd Day in Dunedin

I'm here in Dunedin, in Livingspace because our accommodation won't be ready till the 25th June.

My uncle drove us (mum, aunt and I) to Dunedin all the way from Christchurch. The drive here was beautiful. And it was a very beautiful and sunny day that welcomed me into Dunedin ( Pronounced as Done-Eden).

The scenery was amazing, with its vast landscapes.. It was like Scotland with the green pastures and grazing sheep. It was like Switzerland with snowcapped mountains seen as the background. It was like China with it's colourful leaves and streaming waters. It was like Czech with rows and rows of pine trees towering and green..

It hasn't been perfect, my way here.. But I will want to learn to be better. To be a nice, loving, caring person, more than I am now... Nobody is perfect but there's no harm trying to be that perfect person..

Orientation for us starts tomorrow... Excited yet terrified..
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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Guess where I'm going?

Results came out yesterday, but it wasn't 10am as promised. 12pm is not bad.

Guess where I ended up in? Click!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Last week of Semester 5

Time flies. And it's already the final week of our last semester of Phase 1.

Final week

PDS matching results will be out in 2 hours. I really want to get into Otago but I believe that the choice belongs to God. Hopefully, no "Programme error" this time round.. LOL!

Mom told me to start packing. I took a big box and put my clothes, bags and other nonsense. I took down all the small small things I collected throughout my time here in IMU from my wall. It looks quite bare now.

It's time to move on... to a new chapter.

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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Convocation Magazine

It's 2.36 AM and I'm still awake. It's been late night work and 'self declared' no lectures this entire week.

Been figuring what to do with the articles, to design something that suits the writer.. Got 2 done, plenty to go. Those with 2 pages are a little more difficult but I think I can handle this.

Never really used Adobe Photoshop before, so I'm fumbling through the many buttons. I have a problem resizing. And it is very lagging. One page can get up to more than 30MB!

My laptop's memory are depleting, which makes it lag even more.

I'll get it done.. I know I can.. I believe I can.. I should sleep now and think about it tomorrow.

Refresh the mind!

LOL at JL and Keili who are very the awesome:) We all can do this! We have DT108 behind us!!

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